Even your largest projects can be handled in James Machine Works' 140,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility. Shop fabrication is implemented using automated equipment. Two CNC Plasma Cutting Tables (20x80' and 12x40') are utilized to cut special shapes such as cone layouts, compression rings, and other miscellaneous items. Files are transferred to the computer-aided system from the engineering department. (The CNC files are generated on computer-aided systems by the engineering department.) The Messer Plasma Cutting Table is also used for squaring, cutting, and beveling shell cylinder plates.

Plate rolling capabilities include materials up to 1 1/2" thick by ten foot wide. The roll capacity does not limit JMW from fabricating heavier wall vessels on tanks. We can subcontract the forming if necessary.

A 750 ton by 10-foot long hydraulic press brake provides for the special forming of cones and transitions. Shearing capabilities are 3/8" thick by ten foot.

Our JMW owned angle iron forming rolls can handle all sizes of angle, including pipe coils and heavy bar.

Automatic submerged arc welding is utilized to weld longitudinal and circumferential seams of pressure vessels. Other welding processes include GMAW SMAW, FCAW, SAW, GTW, and EGW. Weld processes are selected as approved by the customer and as required by metallurgy

Turning rolls are utilized for the manipulation of vessel parts. Fit-up and welding is implemented by the use of turning rolls during each assembly.